Template Help

Print a Test Page

  1. On the templates page, you will see the option to print either a Word .doc, Word .docx or PDF.    Choose the download PDF link. 

  2. It will show you just the outlines of your labels or hang tags. Print a few pages of this pdf.   These printed sheets will be your test page.

  3. Line up the page up over the actual templates. That will show you how your labels will print.

Note: Be sure to leave 1/8 inch blank around the edge of your labels because labels sheets move and shift while printing.

Ink Not Applying to the Labels/Hangtags

While this is more of a printer issue than a template problem, we are happy to walk you through some steps to help unclog your printer cartridges.


(Be sure to insert blank printer paper)

  • Remove cartridges and shake them gently.

  • I have had good luck in these situations by removing the cartridges and briefly dipping them in water. Have a paper towel handy to wipe them off.

  • Otherwise, try the Cleaning/Deep Cleaning option available in the printer options.

  • Last resort would be to clean the cartridges ink heads with an alcohol dipped q-tip.

Optimal Printer Settings

Optimal Printer Settings

  • In advanced printer settings you can adjust for the different media types you might put through the printer. When you hit print, find the "paper type" or "media type" box and select premium paper (or experiment with the many media settings for best results)

  • To prevent bleeding: turn down your ink volume. When you hit 'print', select the advanced features (you may have to look under different tabs to find this, it's different on every printer) -under the 'advanced settings, you should be able to turn down your ink volume resulting is a better-quality waterproof label.