Design Your Labels & Hangtags on Canva

With a few simple clicks, you can design and create gorgeous, professional labels from Canva's pre-designed fonts, images, icons and layouts.

On this page, we will walk you through the steps for creating Dashleigh labels in Canva.


1. Download the JPG version of your Dashleigh labels from the Dashleigh template center.

2. Open Canva and create a free account.

3. Choose "Create a Design" from the home page.


4. Choose "Document 8.5 x 11" or "Create a custom dimensions" using 11 x 8.5 inches to work in landscape.

5. Once you are on the US Letter Document page, you will now need to upload your JPG label background to the Canva page.


  1. Go to the Upload tab.

  2. Upload your own images by selecting the JPG you downloaded from Dashleigh template center.

  3. The image will now appear as a usable element in your uploads section

  4. Optional: You can also upload any images that you want to add to your label or hangtag, and they will stay here to use.


6. Stretch the JPG background to fill the space of the document.  (Don't forget to delete the background before printing!)

7. Design away!   Use Canva's extensive photos, fonts, icons and elements to design your own labels.  Just drag, drop and customize.

8. Once finished, delete the background JPG, so the outlines do not print on your labels.

9. As always, print a test page- before printing directly on your labels.