Microsoft Word Templates- Getting Started


On the template download page, click the link to download the template version you need.  Once the template has downloaded- open the file in Microsoft Word.  

You may need to "enable editing" on some versions.  The pop up will show at the very top of the screen for the latest versions of Word and the enable editing button will be yellow.


Once opened, you will see a image that has instructions for getting started. The image will show steps for printing the instructions, as well as getting rid of the image- so you can start customizing your tags. 

Each Microsoft word template comes with a table to ensure that your text and images will stay in the boundaries of the tags. 

For Tables Version

Certain versions of Microsoft Word hide the grid-lines of tables upon opening the file.

To unhide your grid-lines:

  • TABLE > Show Grid-lines

  • LAYOUT > View Grid-lines

Now that you have opened your Microsoft Word template, you are ready to start designing.

To view our tutorial on adding text boxes and images, click here.