My Images Jump Around in Microsoft Word

It is one of the most frustrating aspects of designing labels and hang tags in Microsoft Word.  The fact that every time you add a new image- the old ones jump around.

One way to fix that is to change the default "wrapping" setting in Word. 

Wrapping is how an image will intact with the elements around it. 

By default, when images are inserted into Word-  they are added as "in line with text" which means they can move around and with your text as you type.  While this may work well with documents, this is torture when working with images and text boxes.

Wrapping Options for Images in Word

  • In Line with Text keeps the image right where you insert it, next to the text.

  • Square wraps text around the border of an image.

  • Tight wraps text tightly around the image. To understand how it is different from Square, try the settings with irregular images.

  • Behind Text to display text over the image.

  • In Front of Text to display the image over the text

  • Top and Bottom to place the image on its own line.

We recommend using "Tight" or "In Front of Text" for wrapping when you are working with images often in Word. 

Grouping, Copying and Pasting Your Labels

Changing the Default Options in Microsoft Word Settings

If you plan on working with images often in Word, you might want to take a minute to change the default paste image options.  You can actually go into settings to change the way all images are pasted in your Word document to guarantee that images do not jump around as you are working.

Go To: File > Options (in the left hand menu) > Advanced > Scroll down to "Cut, Copy and Paste"

Change "Insert/Paste pictures as:" to "Tight" or "In Front of Text".