Printer Checklist

There is nothing worse than printing labels and your labels are just not printing inside the lines.

We have accumulated a checklist to help you understand where the issue is occurring and how to fix it.


1. Are You Using a Test Page? 

This is the most important check.  Always use a test page before printing on your labels.

2. Printer Settings

Are your printer settings set to "Actual Size" when on the Print page for your computer?

In most cases, if the printing is just slightly off the mark, it is because the print sizing and handling is not set to "Actual size".  This is typical and most common for Adobe printing options.  

Print on a test page to test.

3. Checking the Margins

Be sure to check the margins on the template page dimensions for your label and the actual Microsoft Word document.

To do this, you will need go to Layout > Margins > Custom Margins

Enter the same dimensions on the Dashleigh template center page as your specific labels.

Print on a test page to test.

4. Printer Paper settings

When you click Print, look in the Properties options in the print dialog box. Adjust Paper Type to Labels and Print Quality to Best.

If your printer doesn't have a Labels setting, choose Heavyweight or Cardstock.

5. Add a 1/8 inch Bleed

Label sheets can move around during the manufacturing and/or printing processes.

While our quality assurance standards are in place to ensure that label sheets don't shift more than 1/16", we recommend leaving 1/8" between your design and the cut marks.

Adding a bleed is another way to avoid shifting.

Adjust your labels and print on a test page to test.

6. Printer Margins

Every printer on the market has a fixed, maximum printable area where the ink or toner stops. That space is called the "non-printable margin."

If your label configuration extends to the edge of your sheet or close to it, we recommend figuring out your non-printable margins. 

To determine what your printer's non-printable margins are, you can look to your printer's instruction manual.

Print the document and measure the 1" line in step 2.

If the line is not an accurate inch, return to the print dialog box and select the "Fit to Page" or "Print Actual Size" option. Setting the "Custom Scale" option to 100% will produce the same results. Print the document again and remeasure.

Once you're sure it's printing to scale, start from the edge of the paper and work your way in until you find the first full box, each box is 3 centimeters wide. The numbers next to the first full box are your non-printable margins.

7. Update or Reinstall Printer Drivers

When all else fails, and you can not figure out why your printer is misaligning, the best course of action is to update your printer drivers.

 If you have questions about your printer settings, visit your printer manufacturer’s website for directions.

Print on a test page to test.