Light Gemstones Free Cosmetic Label Walk Through

Enhancing your cosmetic labels is easy with Dashleigh in your corner.

Simply download this free Pink Floral background designed specifically for our Dashleigh cosmetic labels.

35 PNG Transparent Background Files:

  • 5 Gemstone Shapes: Round, Diamond, Oval, Square and Pear

  • 7 Colors: Navy, Red, Green, Teal, Purple, Gold, Teal and White

  • Perfect for Light and Dark backgrounds

Use the PNG as:

  • As a image in Microsoft Word

  • As a image in Apple Pages

  • As a image in Open Office

  • All Design Softwares

  1. In your selected cosmetic labels, add two rectangle squares above and below your labels.

  2. Add a gemstone image to your label. 

  3. Use the custom colors listed below to match the rectangles to your chosen gemstone.

Custom Colors

Color (RGB)

  • Red (121,32,36)

  • Green (32,121,46)

  • Navy (40,32,121)

  • Purple (105,32,121)

  • Gold (151,133,62)

  • Teal (17,94,68)