Adding Images to your Microsoft Word Template


Open your word template

Go the “Find your Templates” page to search for your template type.

On the template page, we recommend using the Tables version of your label or hang tag type.

Our tables templates occassionally open as hidden in some Word softwares. You will need to show the table gridlines.

To unhide your grid-lines:

  • TABLE > Show Grid-lines

  • LAYOUT > View Grid-lines

Now that you have opened your Microsoft Word template, you are ready to start designing.

Adding the image

Click the place in your document where you want the picture to appear. ...

Access the "Insert Picture" dialog box. ...

Browse to the photo (jpg, png, etc) you want to insert.

Click the file, then click "Insert."

Modify the picture as necessary.


Select the Image.  In the top menu select Format under the Drawing Tools tab. 

Select Wrap Text > More Layout Options.  In the Size Tab- use either the Absolute checkbox to use the inches. 

Check the "lock aspect ratio" if you do not want the image to stretch or distort.

Print a Test Page

Before adding your labels or hang tags to the printer paper feed, print your designs on regular printer paper. Use this as an opportunity to make sure that the labels will print correctly.

  • Make sure your printer settings are set to Actual Size

  • Margins and spacing measurements are included on each template page - to check your test pages.